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Frequently asked questions.


Who will the project help?

This criteria for requesting assistance is that the family must live in the North Cornwall area, have their application referred by and supported by a worker that knows the family, and the reason for the request for assistance clearly stated. This can be for a variety of long or short term reasons such as (but not exhaustive) homelessness, domestic violence, fire/flood/emergency, unemployment or debt, sickness or benefit delays, mental health, child protection issues/foster placement need, bereavement etc. We will also assist families who are currently in employment, but are simply finding it difficult to 'make ends meet' in the current economic climate, if they can provide a supporting referral from an appropriate agency.

Who can refer?

The families referred to us for assistance will only be accepted when an approved statutory or voluntary agency worker has confirmed they are ‘in need’ and that that worker is sufficiently aware of the families’ background/ circumstances. We will accept referrals from GP surgeries, midwives, health visitors, social workers, school support officers and teachers, Police and other emergency services, mother and baby projects, homelessness projects, domestic violence refuges, local authority housing officers, children centres, foodbanks and other agencies, to name a few. 


Can families refer themselves?

No. When our project was newly established we initially accepted referrals from families and individuals directly and also held public events where families could attend and select items themselves. Due to changes to our operating model to ensure we are reaching the families most in need of assistance, and that peoples donated items are being used in the most effective way, referrals from agencies/support workers are now only accepted.

How can my agency refer and what assistance will my clients receive?

Agencies that refer families to Little Wrens Wardrobe will be asked to confirm what assistance the family are requiring and the reasons why they deem the family to be ‘in need’.


 An agency referral form can be accessed online via www.littlewrenswardrobe.co.uk or a copy can be emailed. Please complete the form with as much detail as possible including your contact details, the families name and town that they live in (as we keep records not only for their ‘membership’ but also for statistical purposes and charity commission requirements), their children’s first names and ages and if there are any specific requests (i.e school uniform, bedding, books and toys, moses baskets, nappies etc.) If there are no specific or special requests detailed, the family will receive one of our usual starter referral packs. These will include enough clothes and outfits for 14 days.  We will also include some age appropriate toys and/or books where stocks allow. All our items are pre-loved and kindly donated but are checked for rips/tears/stains and laundered prior to sending out. We also ask that you specify if underwear is required. Occasionally we do receive donations of new and unopened packs of underwear but more often we have children’s tights, socks and pants donated. As they are not brand new we ask agencies to state if this is acceptable to their clients.

What ongoing assistance can people receive?

Each family will be provided with a membership number and this will allow them to access the service up to three times a year should they need ongoing support and clothing for their children as they grow. This will be reviewed between the trustees and the referring organisation on a regular basis and can cease as and when necessary, especially if a short term need/emergency situation is addressed and is no longer continuing. Additionally if items are required in the interim periods/additionally to the 3 regular packs sent out due to a change in circumstances or further emergency need, this can also be discussed on an individual case by case basis.

Do you deliver to peoples homes?

No. We will make the packs and deliver them to Bodmin Children’s Centre (address below) where the centre will hold them for a maximum of three working days. The families themselves, or the referring agency/support worker can then collect them from the centre at their convenience. Each pack will have the families ‘membership number’ on them as opposed to their name to assist in ensuring confidentiality.


Bodmin Children's Centre

Chestnuts Centre
83 Fore Street

PL31 2JB


In emergency cases we are happy to discuss individual families with the referring agency and can arrange to meet them at a pre-arranged location in Bodmin and/or outside of normal working hours where necessary.


How quickly can my clients expect to receive assistance?

On receipt of the referral someone from the referral team will endeavour to process your request and have your pack ready for collection within 7 days for non-emergency cases and within 48 hours for genuine emergency cases (i.e. admittance to domestic violence refuge, fire or flood etc.)  You can assist us by providing as much detail as possible on the initial referral form in the message/comments section, thank you.